Saving energy

Energy saving products

Below are a list of great carbon footprint reducing products that will all help you to reduce the amount of energy you use and give you cheaper energy bills.

  • TV standby energy saver - Priced at £19.99 each. This device cuts the power to your electrical appliances (when you press the standby button (on your television or set top box for instance). Depending on the make and age these could be wasting a huge amount of energy and money. This device enables you to stop wasting and start saving.
  • Energy Saving light bulbs - A huge range of energy saving light bulbs of different wattages, fittings, sizes and shapes. Some are dimmable and some are not. Whatever you want to shed some light on, you will find the answer here.
  • Make your boiler, hot water and radiators more energy efficient - A range of products including cylinder and pipe lagging to keep hot pipes hotter longer. In addition there is also a series of radiator and boiler panels and controls. These are all designed to keep heat where you want it, and to stop it escaping and going to waste.
  • Standby power savers - A full range of standby power savers for computers and peripherals, Televisions, DVD players, Hi-Fi systems, PVRs and set top boxes.
  • Green gadgets - Whether you are looking for an eco kettle (one of the best sellers), and eco TV, solar lights for your shed or a whole host of other energy saving gadgets they are all here.
  • Insulation - Insulation for lofts and cavity walls has always been a great way to keep your house warm in winter and to keep your bills down. It still is a basic and extremely efficient method of saving energy, and you will find all you need in this extensive range.
  • Solar panels - Once upon a time, solar panels were the domain of remote places and far off lands but now you may even find your local church powered by solar panels. Did you know you could save an average of £250 a year with Solar PV panels on your roof, and generate between 50% and 70% of your hot water with solar thermal panels. These energy and cost savings are building an ever growing base of customers. See the range to find out more and request a callback to discuss how it could be installed on your home.

All these products can be purchased online from the British Gas Online Energy Savers Store

Energy saving advice and tips

From monitoring your energy usage to generating your own renewable energy, we have top ten tips, advice and practical offers to help us all create a greener more efficient and sustainable Britain. Join the Energy Savers and don't forget to sign up for your free Energy Savers Report .