Maintenance & service

British Gas provide a Range of services to help you when you need it and to ensure that you are covered in an emergency. British Gas engineers are the best in the business in our view, and provide knowledge and advice in every set of circumstances. They have a reputation to protect so looking after you well is their highest priority.

Service your old boiler & heating system as well as electrical repairs

If your existing boiler is broken, you can get an instant quote to fix it for a one off fee as a Priority Response service. You can also do the same thing with your heating system if that is giving you trouble. In addition to that British Gas would also be happy to help you with electrical repairs and improvements in your home for a fixed price starting at £89.


Homecare is a comprehensive and flexible cover plan for all your needs. You decide what you need cover for and the plan lets you relax. Options include accidental damage, repair and annual service by qualified and certified professionals, unlimited call outs, parts & labour and access to real people via the telephone. You can also set an excess level on the plans to bring your monthly service charge down but pay an additional fee on each repair visit. It's up to you what you decide is going to be best for you.

Each plan covers a range of options

  • Homecare 100 - Covers your boiler and controls, and gives you the option of setting an excess charge of £ 50 per completed repair or a fully inclusive monthly charge. Prices start at £10.50 per month.
  • Homecare 200 - Extends the amount of cover to include your central heating. It includes all the features of Homecare 100 including the option of setting a £ excess. Prices for this plan start at £12.50 per month.
  • Homecare 300 - Adds your plumbing and drains to your boiler and central heating. The excess remains at £ 50 for each completed repair and the options start at £15 per month.
  • Homecare 400 - Is the most comprehensive of the plans and covers everything in the other plans with the addition of your home electrics. You can still choose to set an excess of £50 if you prefer and the prices start at £18 per month.

For other customers, a comprehensive plan is more than is needed and so simple individual options are required for each item needing cover. British Gas offers individual cover for these items too. You can select one or multiple items for coverage (although make sure that a HomeCare Plan doesn't give you better value when you are making your choice). Choose from:

Use the Quotation Cover Calculator to see which cover meets your needs and provides you with the best deal.