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Social Media and Social Networking functionality added to

Source: : 30th May 2010

In the same week after launching, the website has added social media and social networking functionality.

The news system has been overhauled to enable visitors to comment on every article.

"We wanted to make the audience central to the site", said Emma Young of "Not only do we now collate and syndicate news from a number of sources about the energy industry but now every one of those news articles is a discussion, to enable users to voice their opinions and let us know what they think.

Currently there are discussions going on about possible price reductions for gas electricity and dual fuel and a discussion about nuclear power production. Obviously the more people who get involved the better the conversations will be. "

A Twitter feed has also been launched @pricesgas> which gives links and alerts on anything that happens on the site as well as other tweets about the industry.

Also launched is a Facebook group at!/group.php?gid=131668440180808

"When dealing with social media it is important to go where people go and so our information and services will be available whatever platform you are using.

It is very early days for us", said Emma, "but we think we are going in the right direction to engage our audience as well as delivering great deals on gas, electricity, dual fuel, maintenance and insurance options. We are offering our audience a number of ways to stay informed whether it is on the website, through social media or through RSS feeds. We are trying to give everyone what they want which is an easily accessible, site that is full of the information that our visitors need."