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Different energy requirements for two different customers

Source: : 25th May 2010

Many of the visitors to a site about energy supply are looking for one of two things. The first is a great deal, which is ideally the best deal they can get, and the second is for key requirements to be met.

The first is easy. It simply requires a big flashing sign, saying "Cheapest deal available online, guaranteed".

Currently this particular section of the audience is catered for by the WebSaver tariff offered by British Gas. Not only does it provide a great deal to existing British Gas customers, it also competes extremely well with equivalent offers from competitors and is only available online. It has limited availability.

The second type of customer is more difficult to cater to as firstly you need to identify what the key criteria is. One of the key criteria which is becoming increasingly important is the effect that the energy we use has on the world around us.

We all need to heat our homes and the winter we have just gone through was a sobering experience. For many though the extremes of weather we are experiencing is an indication that we rely too much on carbon based fuels and need to offset the effects that they have on the environment.

The new Future Energy Plus tariff provides this, so that everybody who uses it, will be sure not only of heating their homes but also that the energy used is offset 100% by green energy alternatives like wind and wave power.